Anse Boileau

18 AUGUST 2020

Anse Boileau

Anse Boileau

Wonderful beach, not only perfect for morning walks…

I knew about Anse Boileau as I drove by it on many occasions, however, it would never strike me as place to explore. 

The beach is located right by the main road, so you see it through the density of palm and takamaka trees. And exactly the fact that is located so close to busy road would always make me think it cannot be anything special. Skipping it for so long was a mistake tough…

I was in the area because I was helping a friend to move house. Turned out her old place was road crossing from the beach. The day was rather grey and cloudy, perfect for packing up boxes. We were 2, so we boshed through the place and finished emptying the house past midday. It’s when the sun slowly and unsurely started to shine through chunky clouds. I had no plans for the afternoon, thinking it’s gonna take as a lot longer, so decided to do a walk by the beach before heading to ‘my’ side of the island. I grabbed my camera, left the flip-flops in the car and waded through little bush of palms. 

All of the sudden I was on this long, wide beach with turquoise waters, white sand and hundreds of small crabs running around… a little “Alice in the Wonderland’ moment. The sun was fully out and the ocean incredible calm, besides it’s August – month known for rather strong winds. I guess this is because the bay is well curved… (note to myself to check it out during the other monsoon). 

My walk took about an hour one way, bearing in mind my start / end point was at about three quarters of the whole beach. I assumed I was lucky to be there almost alone… once again Covid-19 has paid quite a favour to Mother Nature by making most of us not being able to travel, allowing the Earth to take a deep breath… recover a bit.


I felt like in a treasury, as the beach was full of shells and reef stones, one prettier than another. Waves faintly hitting the soft, white shore, playing relaxing sounds, have been delicately washing off my feet as I was making my way to one end of the bay. At that point I really regretted not taking any swim suit with me, as I would gladly just dive in those turquoise waters to cool down and then lay on the beach to inject myself with that extra vitamin D.   

About half way the length of the beach, during low tide there is a spot where the ocean gets very shallow for a good few meters in, making the water colour even more incredible. Careful not to step on a manta as they like those kind of places. There are also lots of trees for those who would prefer to camp in the shade. They also act as some kind of wall, dividing the noisy road from peaceful beach. On the left side of the bay, on the rocks, you will notice brown huts popping out of the green bushes – that’s Malia Hotel – wonderful backdrop for pictures from paradise.

There aren’t any beach bars or restaurants, only grocery stores across the street. But the place isn’t that far from probably the best restaurant in Mahé that serves fantastic lunches – Del Place, about 15 minutes drive north, towards Port Luney.

Also parking a car, just like everywhere in Seychelles should be no stress. So if you are on a look out for morning-walk beach or one of those picture-perfect bays, Anse Boileau shouldn’t disappoint.